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Media Hibiscus Tours International Ltd. is the lifelong dream of Anne Brobyn, Founder/President. Anne and her team of trusted advisors and colleagues are committed to making Hibiscus International the premier travel company for creating precious memories and fulfilling lifelong dreams!

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Registered in Ontario, Canada, Hibiscus International operates as an affiliate of Nexion Canada ULC, 235 North Centre Rd., Ste. 100, London, ON, N5X 4E7. Licensed under TICO Reg# 1549342

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Anne's Story

My personal adventure began in the 70's (yes we're talking the 1900s) when I first travelled to the Bahamas with a friend. This trip changed my life. I knew immediately, that I was meant to be in the Caribbean and would be back some day.

Although I changed directions initially pursuing a career in Child and Youth Work; working on a Master's Degree in Environmental Studies, and securing a tenured position as a College Professor, the Caribbean kept calling me back.

With a leap of faith and a strong dose of courage I took a leave of absence from teaching, packed up my son and set off for the island of Bequia in St. Vincent & The Grenadines to heal from a broken marriage. It was during this healing process that I met Ron & June Armstrong from the Bequia Mission who helped me bring the seeds of my vision of educational and cultural tourism to fruition.

I saw a need and envisioned a solution. So many youth I worked with in Toronto were caught in systems which did not understand or accept the cultural factors creating disruption in their lives. I developed an experiential cultural awareness program in the Caribbean designed to build awareness of factors which were affecting treatment and interaction with Caribbean families living in North America. Support and encouragement from Humber College, the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, the Bequia Mission and The University of the West Indies and The International Institute for Peace Through Tourism helped me immensely along my exciting journey (and of course my loving son who got pulled through my journey setting a course for his own story).

And the seed grew and blossomed: An organization out of Boston, MA called Elderhostel approached me to expand my Caribbean cultural programs for seniors 55+ who were curious to learn and experience the world around them. This contract put me on a rewarding 18 year path designing and developing cultural programs in St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba, Grenada and the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Out of adversity came new opportunities. The tragic events of 9/11 changed the way the tourism industry did business. When the opportunity presented itself, I accepted a contract with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and became their Marketing Manager for Canada. This gave me the opportunity to experience more Caribbean islands while working to increase the Caribbean's share of Canadian travellers. It was during this time I consulted with developers and investors in their search for Caribbean real estate. My network of contacts throughout the Caribbean became my value and from there I returned to Hibiscus International to develop the foremost Real Estate Tourism company.

And from there, the rest is history: 13 years later, the team at Hibiscus International is a full service travel agency and concierge service dedicated to curating lifestyle experiences for the way YOU travel! We design and lead real estate and cultural cruises and tours which inspire the soul, open the mind to possibilities and expand the heart while developing sustainable tourism to create peace throughout the world…. And the journey continues!
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Hibiscus International is affiliated with Nexion Canada, ULC 100-235 North Centre Rd., London, ON, N5X 4E7. HQ Phone 519-660-6966 TICO Reg#1549342