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Specialists in Real Estate Tourism . . . . .  Living life your way!

Hibiscus International believes that LIFESTYLE should be a choice you make, which is yours ... and not someone else's dream. Be it wandering the globe with a single backpack, buying a small B&B in the Caribbean for your semi-retirement, taking a cooking class with colleagues in New Orleans, having friends visit you in your apartment in Europe or celebrating a milestone event with a loved one in an over-the-water-bungalow, lifestyle is personal. It's your life and we are honoured to help create your most precious memories!!

Hibiscus International is a global company whose team of professionals strives to create a long lasting and positive impact on the regions where we do business. Through our real estate, travel, marketing and consulting services we are committed to:
  • Building trusted partnerships with communities, clients, partners, associates and suppliers
  • Ensuring our client's best interests are #1
  • Respecting diverse cultures and endeavouring to guide clients with our best practices, leading by example in the locations where we work, live and play

Anne Brobyn

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Hibiscus International is affiliated with Nexion Canada, ULC 100-235 North Centre Rd., London, ON, N5X 4E7. HQ Phone 519-660-6966 TICO Reg#1549342